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REST ART ROME IS A SPACIOUS HOME, located inside an original 17th century palazzo facing the Circo Massimo and is ready to welcome you, proposing a unique experience of life in the “Eternal City”. Here you will be able to enjoy moments of authentic pleasure getting to know the history, arts, crafts and excellence of Italian (and specifically Roman) food and wine.

Following are the 4 different ways in which we will take care of you during your stay:

  • TASTING TYPICAL ITALIAN CUISINE, with the mediterranean flavours imitated by the whole world, but without forgetting modern fusion recipes. Our resident chefs provide both kinds of food and also personalized cooking for groups, at request. What we offer you is a culinary journey between tradition and contemporary style, able to surprise all tastes.
  • LEARNING THE SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN WAY OF LIFE – together with your travel companions, but also with other globe-trotters who are just as curious ss you, you will be involved in an amusing research stimulating all 5 senses. Oil, wine, coffee and herb tastings; art courses as mosaique and art-history; lifestyle workshops from bon ton to dress code (in the capital of Mediterranean fashion), but also the philosophy of “canta che ti passa”, i.e. sing and forget to learn how to manage stress better once you return home.
  • EXPLORING THE ETERNAL CITY, alone or accompanied by sociable and competent guides, following new exclusive itineraries: from the classical investigation of the past between ancient ruins to the discovery of the neighbourhoods were the true “Romanity” was born and developed during the centuries, as well as getting to know the Roman parks, located in the areas of ancient noble villas. RestArtRome as a starting point and final destination of all these tours.
  •  SMALL EMPORIUM, where you can find the right souvenirs from your trip: the best of typical Italian food products or crafts, which you will be able to choose and conveniently receive at home. At last, as a surprise ending of your day, you will meet a resident artist, who can draw a portrait of you, while you are leisurely enjoying the view from our terrace.

RESTARTROME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENTS: we offer you a unique experienced thanks to our “Smart Family Weekends”. After you have explored Rome like never before, you can make yourself at home, enjoying our brunch with quality products and organic ingredients, either with other families you know already or taking advantage of making some new contacts. And that´s not all: you can also appreciate our “Smart Animation”! So, what does that mean? Fun for your children with workshops about cooking, art and creativity, leaving you the choice. Whatever you want to do, it won´t be easy to decide.. whether to go on a walk, enjoy the sun on our terrace chatting, watching a soccer game or learning something new together with other parents or – why not? – with your own children.

Try to believe!